Shine Brighter with the Magic of Your Fan-Power

Fans do never get enough of their favorites characters, idols or celebrities. Here’s your moment to appreciate their fondness. India’s first social platform that unites all fandoms on a single screen. Leverage the platform to unlock contextual facts about your fans – their preferences, interests based on psychographic profiling. Generate a lifetime marketing value for the brand called “You”.

Your Fans, Your Superpower

Celebrities build fandoms, but fans build celebrities. Build your fan army with people who love you incredibly, follow you faithfully and advertise you wholeheartedly.

How does it work?

Aggregate your scattered network

Offers engagement via leagues, gamification and celebrity-fan interactions

Upgrades your biggest fans based on engagement data and statistics

Delivers insights and analytics on an easy to understand dashboard

Every Fan's
First Screen

It’s a journey of a Fan to becoming the Superfan. India’s first fan-tech platform to recognize your contribution in popularizing shows and celebrities. Now, this won’t be an exaggeration to say – the new era of fans begins with Fandrum!

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