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The first-of-its-kind entertainment platform is here! Bringing together the unheard voices of fans from across the world! Leverage the power and influence of Fandoms and Fan communities to (positively) impact your industry. After all, the amount of knowledge a fandom accumulates about their passion is worth every penny. The platform – Fandrum is a mix of art, science and data-driven Fan analytics.

We Are

Home to a world of fans, celebrities, influencers, ideas, perspectives and fantastic content. It’s the world’s first fan-tech platform that combines the connective power of social media with cutting-edge Psychographic analysis.

Our Purpose

We recognize, unite and celebrate each and every Fandom. Be here, be heard.

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Our Ethics

We are here – With the Fans. For the Fans. By the Fans.

Privacy First

All your data is 100% secured. We do not sell any private information.

Earning Fans Trust

To stay reliable and credible, we always strive to earn your trust.

Keeping it Real

Our product, our conduct and our work is all be transparent and to the point.

The Core Value

A purpose-driven company with one niche idea – leveraging the power and influence of Fans!

Free and Fun

Be yourself; spread love; have fun. That’s Fandrum.

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Every Fan's
First Screen

It’s a journey of a Fan to becoming the Superfan. India’s first fan-tech platform to recognize your contribution in popularizing shows and celebrities. Now, this won’t be an exaggeration to say – the new era of fans begins with Fandrum!

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