Content is King, Fans are King Kong!

‘Shared Sociability, Shared Identity’

Fans are a celebrity’s biggest promoter. Not just another regular viewer, they invest in you both time and money. Step up your fan game by investing back in your all-time followers.

Fandrum is uniting fans from across the world to create super fan armies. Drive your success based on powerful fan analytics. Know your biggest fans and show them that you care.

After all, fans aren’t just casual viewers, they’re ‘the audiences’ that make you a celebrity.

Fandrum: A Fan-First Platform

Here every individual will make a big difference to the
Fandrum Army!

Fan Card

Unique badges that super fans can flaunt across their social handles. Strong marketing tool for a celebrity, brand or popular content.

Fan’s Profile Ranking

The engagement rate of a fan with their favorite content or celebrity.Our patent algorithms can track the progress on all social media.

Content Feed

Content amplification based on individual interest. Engaging fans with ads, movies, tv shows and conversations based on their preferred genre.


Sprinkle love to create undying loyalty among your fans. Go above and beyond to celebrate your fandom.

Gaming and Leaderboards

Superfan gaming leagues and leaderboards to celebrate all fandoms.

Unique Bid Options

Use your fandom to stay on top! Fans can bid on their favorite content, shows or celebrity.

Flash Sale

Exclusive sale on products for your exclusive fan base.

Prediction & Polls

Stuck with a new story? Maybe your fans can help. Use real-time polls to brainstorm with your fans. Get direct feedback.

It’s Pay Time!

There’s no feeling like the feeling of being loved by thousands and thousands of people. Show your fans how much they mean to you!



Harnessing the collective power and influence of fans via a single platform



Deriving valuable insights by closely tapping fans and fan journeys



A mutually beneficial platform for fans, stars, content creators, production houses and brands across the world

Every Fan's
First Screen

It’s a journey of a Fan to becoming the Superfan. India’s first fan-tech platform to recognize your contribution in popularizing shows and celebrities. Now, this won’t be an exaggeration to say – the new era of fans begins with Fandrum!

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